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Axis Power Technologies is dedicated towards providing the best turnkey solution for all kinds of power conversion, management and control requirements, globally.


Our mission is to ensure highest ROI for customer by continuous and unflinching endeavor towards Leadership in Research, Concepts, Systems and Operations in Power conversion, management and control.


Team Axis brings to the table a heady mix of experience, knowledge and zeal which help us create and deliver best in class Power Supply solutions!

At Axis Power Technologies, we believe in complete fulfillment of clients’ demand for Customized Power Supplies. Be it according to their End Application, Power/other Conditions in their target region, Scale and/or Target Price, amongst other detail.

We are a passionate, meticulous Design and Development team which is armed with all requisite Development and Testing procedures and equipment. Backed by a zealous Research team, we ensure that the D&D remains abreast of latest developments on the cutting edge of Power Supply technology.

Highly experienced and Process Oriented Operations, Commercials and Logistics team ensure that the top notch development work thus far is met with even better Production execution. And that your goods not just leave our floor on time, but the seamless management ensures it reaches you On Time.